For one to cast a vote either on the 18th or 24th October 2014, one needs the following:
 •to present themselves before the Presiding Officer in their registered polling stations
 •in possession of a valid identity card [Omang]
 •in possession of the 2014 General Elections registration card


Section 61 of the Electoral Act states that election officers and police officers who will be on duty during Election Day be given a chance to cast their votes in advance.  Accordingly the Independent Electoral Commission has set 18th October 2014 as a day for advance voting for those who will be on duty on the 24th October 2014 [police officers and poll staff].

Similarly Batswana residing outside the country will also cast their votes on the same day though they only vote for a member of the National Assembly.  Once they have cast their vote, they will put their marked ballot paper in an envelope presented to them marked their constituency and seal it to be dispatched to their respective constituencies.   The Commission has registered 1109 Batswana externally in all the 38 external voting stations.