Nomination of Candidates

The date of nomination of candidates and the hours within which candidates shall present their nomination papers to the Returning Officers shall be notified in the Writs of Election (Parliamentary Elections) and Election Instruments (Local Government Elections).

On nomination day every person who wishes to stand as a candidate in the election must tender a correctly completed nomination form to the Returning Officer, during prescribed hours. Any nomination papers tendered outside the prescribed hours shall be rejected. 

The Nomination procedure is as follows:

  1. Every candidate is nominated by a proposer, seconder and seven other persons as supporters, whose names must be on the election roll for the constituency/polling district for which the candidate seeks election;
  2. The nomination paper (Form O) is signed by the candidate and his proposer, seconder and supporters.
  3. If any proposer, seconder or supporter is unable to sign their name, they affix their mark in place of signature and such mark is witnessed by a person who can sign his name; such witness in addition to their signature, writes their name clearly immediately under such signature.
  4. The proposer, seconder and supporters sign in Form O for one candidate only.
  5. The Returning Officer must require the proposer, seconder and seven supporters of the nominated candidate to produce their identity cards for inspection.
  6. Where any person required to produce an identity card fails to do so, the Returning Officer rejects the nomination.

No nomination is valid unless the candidate:

  1. Produces or causes to be produced to the returning officer an official receipt in the sum of P500.00 in the case of election to the National Assembly or P100.00 in the case of election to a Council;


  2. At the time of delivery of the nomination paper, deposit or cause to be deposited with the Returning Officer the said amounts in cash.


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